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    I always had the idea of installing solar PV panels on the roofs of hybrid and electric cars to increase the battery life. Turns out toyota put this into reality before I could become rich.

    I’ve always thought it was a good idea because electric cars are notorious for poor range, and this could go a small way to solving that problem.

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    I think that’s a great idea, even for cars that are petrol/diesel based. At the very least it could help power the headlights, air con, radio etc – which normally all comes from the battery which is charged by the engine. I bet it’s damn expensive though.

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    Anything that would help with the range on an electric car would be warmly welcomed I feel. A little off-topic from solar, but how about building a small wind turbine into the front of the car as well. For example, it could go where the badge of a car manufacturer usually goes and wouldn’t have to protrude from the vehicle. If a car’s travelling at 70 MPH, you’re looking at a constant 70 MPH windflow into the turbine, which should recycle at least some of the energy?

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    You’d be looking at a very, very low volume of electricity being produced there. It may power the radio, but that’s about it I’d think. It would be a nice novelty to have though, and I guess every little helps.

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